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Moose Hollow and Elderberry cabins are both available for rent and sit right on the lake at Fish Lake.  Moose Hollow will hold 18 people and Elderberry will hold 10.  Please look around our site and call if you have any questions.  435-638-1000


Fish Lake is one of Utah's most beautiful mountain lakes. Measuring six miles long and a mile wide, the lake's 160-foot depth and crystal clear waters provide some of the West's finest year-round fishing.

Although Splake and Rainbow trout are commonly taken, the lake is especially famous for its 20, 30 and even 40-pound Mackinaw lake trout. (Any Mack under 10-pounds is called a ”pup” and not considered worth keeping by local fisherman)

Fish Lake Lodge is a lodge in the truest sense of the word. Under construction from 1928 until 1933, and built of native spruce logs, the lodge measures 80 X 320 feet, and is one of the largest and most impressive log structures in the United States.

Lakeside Resort overlooks Fish Lake from a beautiful wooded setting at the entrance to the lake. Lakeside Resort offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy year-round recreation at Fish Lake.

Rising as a green oasis above the junction of I-15 and I-70 in central Utah, the several mountains and plateaus that form the Fishlake National Forest invite you to enjoy the highly spectacular and widely varied scenery and enjoy cool climatic relief from the hot desert valleys.  It has a wonderful rich history dating back to the time the Indians were here.  And even an Indian Legend of why there is a Red Aspen Heart on the mountain every year even though all the other aspens around it turn yellow.

Fishlake National Forest is a recreationalist's paradise known for its beautiful aspen forests, scenic byways, motorized and non-motorized trails, elk hunting, and mackinaw and trout fishing. Recreational opportunities include scenic drives, mountain biking, snowmobiling, ATV use, scuba diving, hiking, geocaching, the famous Fish Lake Relay, and camping. The mountains and plateaus of the forest provide exceptional use for All-Terrain Vehicle travel. The nationally recognized Paiute ATV Trail winds through 250 miles of the forest's most scenic terrain. For those who prefer the comfort of a car, the Beaver Canyon Scenic Byway travels along the beautiful Bear River lined by aspen, spruce, and fir trees. It ends at a lovely mountain lake.

The Fish Lake-Johnson Valley Area, a 13,700-acre region near the east side of the Fishlake National Forest, has 3,000 acres of lakes and reservoirs, 4 campgrounds, 7 picnic areas, 1 boating site, 3 resorts, and 125 summer homes. Several species of trout, splake, and large mackinaw provide challenging fishing throughout the year. A full range of services and facilities is available year-round at the three resorts. In addition to excellent fishing opportunities in the forest, the mountains and plateaus that form the Fishlake National Forest provide myriad roads and trails popular for high-clearance vehicle use. Trail use varies from light, along the Skyline Trail in the Tushar Mountains, to heavy, along the Lake Shore Trail at Fish Lake. Both of these roads are designated as National Recreation Trails.

Visitors agree that Fish Lake is one of the West's most outstanding year-round recreation and vacation areas. Explore our web site and find out why! Then contact us to book your next adventure.


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